Monday, April 14, 2014

Releasing new CHRiSS predictive tool for cardiac care

Presenting CHRiSS, the Cardiac Health Risk Stratification System, a new tool for evalulating the risk of implanting a Ventricular Assist Device.  We have released a demo version here.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Call for Intuitive EMRs

Here (A Call for Intuitive EMRs) is a nice article that helps explain BlenderHouse's existence.  The article calls for EMR 2.0 where EMR's are intuitive, proactive and anticipatory.  EMR vendors want to deliver software with intuitive interfaces and intelligent workflows. They just don't know how.  And in today's market, driven by meaningful use criteria, they don't have time to learn.  

The downside?  As the article notes "No one will feel that pressure more than physicians being asked to do even more than they do today. Even when they learn how to navigate all those new check boxes and unintuitive workflows".  The physicians are feeling the brunt of the industries inability to deliver tools that actually make their lives easier and their work more enjoyable.  Isn't that the goal of technological advancement in the first place?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

iCPRS v 1.1

A significant amount of new stuff is in iCPRS 1.1, making its way onto the App Store today, split between features for general iCPRS use and features to support beta-testing of our product CompleteNote.

General use:
1.  Add and save patient vitals
2.  Improved connection handling - The VistA server seems to time-out connections pretty quickly, so we've added in better detecting and handling

Note: The OpenVistA Demo server is on the Pacific time zone, so check your time if you are playing with adding vitals, it will complain about time being in the future!

CompleteNote beta-testing:
1.  Add and save suggested problem list updates to problem list
2.  Add and save suggested medication orders
3.  Add and save suggested lab orders
4.  Add and save suggested radiology/imaging orders
5.  Electronic signature of orders

The ability to update problem list and orders will be available for general use soon.  CompleteNote didn't need a full implementation of VistA functionality for problems and orders.  Most of the hard stuff is complete, we just need to nail down the functionality needed to support the general cases.

In-App purchase for adding/edit:  Yes, we are requiring a small In-App purchase in order to add/save patient data.  While our goal is for viewing data to always be free, adding and editing data with VistA has been a bit more complex.

I'll have some coupons that give you the adding and editing for free, first come first serve, Apple limits number of coupons we can have.  Contact me at

The next set of features are:
  • Add/Edit problem list(included with add/edit purchase)
  • View all orders(free)
  • SSH connection
  • Async RPC broker

Monday, April 30, 2012

Seeking beta-testers

If you've been following this blog, you may have noticed I've mentioned our internal product development.  Our work on VistA, Ruby and the iPhone have all been products of our work on our first product, CompleteNote.

We just recently launched our beta-test program.  We are looking for clinical sites to give our stuff a try. The primary information(including beta program info) about CompleteNote is located here  ->
In a nutshell, we've developed machine-learning technology that learns the patterns of how individual physician's diagnose and treat patients, and how they document this in an electronic health record(like VistA).  Our current feature set is then around reducing the amount of time a clinician spends on data-entry, but will soon extend to very cool clinical decision support.

Anyway, if you like trying new cool technology, and hate data-entry, let us know, we'd be happy to get you involved.

And, hey, the focus right now is on VistA, but we are also seeking development partners for Allscripts, NextGen, Epic and others.

Friday, February 17, 2012

iCPRS v 1.0.1

We released a new version of iCPRS with some minor feature additions and fixes.  It should be available for upgrades and downloads today(2/17) or tomorrow.
A few items:
1.  Long list for the all patients selection screen is now available.  You can select more at the bottom of the list.
2.  Default login information for the OpenVistA Demo server.  If this server is the current one, iCPRS automatically fills in the standard user login, PU1234 and the password.
3.  Some users had complain it was too easy to hit the back button to logout, so we added a warning
4.  We are trying out iAd to help recoup the cost of the Apple Developer program.  Just on the login screen.
5.  Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Next up:
We are anticipating the following features next:

  • SSH support
  • Add/Edit Vitals
  • Problem list management

Friday, February 3, 2012

iCPRS: VistA for iPhone/iPad

So I ported vistarpc4r to iOS for our product development needs and I realized...why not create an iPhone/iPad version of CPRS, the Windows GUI front end to the VA VistA electronic health record system.
So we did.  Apple today approved iCPRS for listing in the App Store, so we are letting people know.

Version 1.0.0 is a very basic version.  It mimics the functionality of the cover sheet tab in the CPRS GUI in a read-only fashion.
  • It's free.
  • Does not require any additional software to be installed.
  • By default, it will login into Medsphere's OpenVista demo server with the demo access and verify code(PU1234 and PU1234!!).
  • Additional servers can be added by clicking on the switch button.
  • It has been tested with OpenVista and WorldVista.  It should work with any version of VistA that is based on the VA FOIA and has RPC Broker enabled.
  • Uses the same RPC calls as CPRS.
  • Advice button on the patient information screen is for users of our clinical decision support product, CompleteNote.  This is completely optional.  We also intend it to be used for any one interested in the Infobutton HL7 standard.
Known issues:
  • Long lists of patients.  If selecting all patients, right now the app only shows the first 40 or so.  Will be addressed in next release
  • Visual cue for network fetching.  Right now, there is no indication that the application is fetching data from the VistA server.  I'm working on modify the ios vistarpc code to allow for it.  
If people like it, we'll add the rest of the CPRS functionality: the other tabs, ability to create and modify information, etc.


Friday, December 9, 2011


Well, after a good long run at 5933 Baum Blvd(thanks Mark and Skip), we are moving to our new digs at 5530 Penn Ave.  We'll probably have fewer happy hour/creative thinking sessions at BRGR, and more at Salt of the Earth, and Verde.  And we get WINDOWS!!!